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Moisturizer That More Than Moisturizes

All-In-One Moisturizer

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Time-Saving All-In-One

Save your precious time every morning with our

all-in-one moisturizer.

Toner, lotion, essence, and

even after-shave soothing

gel contained in just

one single bottle.

Mr.Veridique Is An All-In-One Moisturizer

Mr.Veridique All-In-One Moisturizer is for all skin types, including acne, oily, mixed,

sensitive, and dry skin type.10 natural ingredients were used to protect the skin. And all of our ingredients were dermatologically-tested not to cause any irritation.

Mr.Veridique All-In-One Moisturizer is also multi-functional that it provides hydration, skin trouble soothing, oil & pore control, and anti-aging all at the same time.

With Mr.Veridique, you do not need to buy different products for different skin types and different skin concerns. All you need is Mr.Veridique for your happy skin.

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All-In-One Moisturizer

A bottle of Mr. Veridique contains everything that men's skin needs every day:

- Deep Hydration

- Skin Trouble Soothing

- Oil & Pore Control

- Anti-Aging

Mr.Veridique Takes Care of It All

Men's skin suffers everyday. Shaving with razor blades and wearing masks

cause irritations to skin, and exposure to sun burn and stress fastens the aging process. Excess oil and enlarged pores are also big concerns of men's skin.

Finally, being exposed to air conditioning often also causes dehydration of skin.

To solve such problems of men's skin, Mr.Veridique All-In-One Moisturizer provides

ample hydration to the skin by enhancing the skin barrier function, gently soothing

irritated skin, and finally reducing excess oil production and pore enlargement. 


Start Every Morning With Strong Confidence

Perfect Skin Care Simplified


Safe For All Skin Types

Mr.Veridique proudly uses dermatologically-tested

natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types.

Born at the world-class top

R&D facility in South Korea,

Mr.Veridique makes sure

that our customers use the best product for their skin.

Mr.Veridique Is A Safe Moisturizer

Safety should be the first matter to consider when choosing the right skin care product for you. Ingredients used, formulas, and manufacturing facility all count.

And Mr.Veridique is a dermatologically tested and non-sensitive product that is suitable for all skin types. In addition to our qualified ingredients, our researchers

always strive to develop the best formula that brings both effectiveness and safety.

We have more than 20 years of experience in cosmetics development and all of

our products are made at our own factory with the toughest quality control system.


Easy-To-Use Moisturizer

Mr.Veridique has been

developed as a true friend of man's skin with features that make premium skincare easier than ever for men.

It is a fast-absorbing and

non-sticky cooling gel-type.

Mr.Veridique also has a light

and gentle scent that gives a

comfortable feeling whenever

using our moisturizer.

Mr.Veridique Makes Men's Skin Care Easy

We all want to have a good-looking skin that gives us strong self-confidence.

But getting a habit of daily skin care routine is not the most familiar experience

for every man though it is necessary to maintain a good skin condition everyday.

Shaving everyday with razor blades and going through the long step to apply

toner, lotion, essence, and after-shave balm in every busy morning is not easy. 

So Mr.Veridique made skin care an easy, simple, and friendly experience for men.

No hard work needed. Enjoy the easiest skin care experience with Mr.Veridique.

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Perfect Skin Care
Just For Men

Mr.Veridique believes that

a great look begins with a

great moisturizer.

Our goal is to help every man

start his every morning with

strong confidence.

Mr.Veridique will always strive to develop what's best for man's perfect skin care.

Mr.Veridique Believes That Every Man Is A Hero

At Mr.Veridique, skin care is not just about "looking moisturized" for a few hours.

Instead, we work on long-term solutions for what's really best for men's skin.

Mr.Veridique brings a healthier look for men to become who they really are again.

Mr.Veridique brings a cleaner look for men to restore their self-confidence again.

Mr.Veridique brings a younger look for men to try for their precious dreams again.

And we also would like to build a solid life-long friendship with our customers.

It is Mr.Veridique's ultimate goal to help men achieve true success of their lives.

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